Monday, 31 December 2012

Room with a view.

I can't believe this year is over.

I've been meaning to write a clever, not-too-serious, not-too-long piece about the good things which happened to me this year, and not so good things from which I learnt from. Perhaps it's the early morning, when I'm writing this, but I feel it is too difficult of a task. So here is my realisation of where this year has gone:

I got stranded in Poland in January. I learnt a lesson about kindness. Said helo to Brooklyn from above a few weeks later. I spent my Saturday mornings in the book cellar and pouring coffee down my throat at the French cafe. I had a few affairs. I bought hats. I watched friends and family come and go. I did the Cliff Walk. I lived at the MET. I celebrated my birthday on the 60th floor of a hotel in Midtown. I saw a play in a park in Harlem. I watched friends getting married. I discovered "Jules" and the "Fat cat". I ran around the East Village. I pigged out on macaroons. I went to the Hamptons. I found a painter. I found a gallery in Chelsea. I switched schools. I tought myself how to draw. I read, I ran, I've written a lot. I got addicted to pumpkin soup. I survived the hurricane. I visited two new countries. I got hooked on almond masala. I lost a friend, gained a few new ones. I found somebody who loved me and let them go. I found somebody whom I could love and let them go too. I kept the songs in my head. I went back to the Court Square Diner. I took pictures and had my pictures taken. I got high on chocolate. I've had a mark made on my wrist. I stepped my little feet in Brooklyn and liked it. I lost and found myslef. I fallen apart and rebuilt myslef. And I did it all for the view.

I really can't believe this year is over already, though as the song says It was a very good year. I was walking through Herald Square last night, it was freezing cold and I just couldn't wait to get home and put my palms on a heater. I was passing by homeless people sleeping on the sidewalk, cardboard separating their bodies from the ice cold concrete. That's another thing about New York, you're being reminded how blessed you are. So I'm counting my blessings and I'm fully aware I have a few (rather more than few) people to be thankful to. 

So to all of you out there, Happy New Year! Hope to see your lovely faces in 2013!