Monday, 2 May 2011

I'm back

I’m back. Almost like Arnold but, no, not really.
For the last months I haven’t actually been in a New York state of mind. My days were blessed with routine and lack of doubt. I do blame cold for this.
When I first came to NY I was told that the winter here is short (two months) and warm (-10 degrees Celsius) which for European standards seemed like a spring breeze. It didn’t quite work out this way. First the Blizzards…blizzard here equals more or less a week, of not being able to leave the house. Unless you want to end up a as snowman (snow woman?) within couple of seconds. Then it got cold, wet, humid, awful cold.
When most of my friends in Europe celebrated first day of spring I was sitting forth month in a row under the blanket with my feet over a radiator. It was snowing. I have worn out my winter boots already and they licked.
I hate cold. I hate cold almost as much as I hate math. Well maybe not as much but close. When somebody asks me to go out and play in the snow they could have just asked me “hey do you want to do some fractions and then compare the results?” I have absolutely no tolerance for it, and I find it as Carrie Bradshaw finds botox – “painful and unnecessary”. When I moan about cold ( and I do it all the time) I often hear “but you’re European!” “yeah, so ?” I have a friend who is Puerto Rican and he despise the summer, cause he hates to sweat. So?
Apparently Eastern Europe is boiling in the same pot as Siberia. Wearing huge fur hats and drinking vodka. Do even Russians wear those hats anymore?
It seems like short and warm New York’s winter is like American myth itself – great marketing.
Anyway, I’m back, and I’ll keep you posted with news from The Country of Bullshit and Whatever.


  1. I envy NY, but in Poland... Well we have over 20 degrees, it's warm, and it's awesome. Shit... I still envy NY...

  2. It finallly got warm here too. Nothing better than spring in New York :)

  3. A teraz bardziej po polsku :P Jak kiedyś uda mi się przyjechać do NY ( miejmy nadzieję, że w czerwcu przyszłego roku) to zabierzesz mnie w najbardziej niesamowite miejsce jakie tam przez ten czas zobaczysz . Dalej bardzo zazdroszczę NY.


    Kuba Ruminkiewicz

  4. Jasne, daj znac jak bedziesz wiedzial ze przyjezdzasz, wykombinujemy jakies zwiedzanie :)